Father Adolf Cookbook Fundraiser

The Father Adolf Health Clinic Committee in our parish is preparing to publish a cookbook as a fundraiser for our 2019 goal.  You are invited to submit 5-6 of your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook.  Please follow the instructions on the Recipe Collection Sheet, (link below) for organizing and writing out your recipes. You can also reserve and preorder cookbook(s) on the same form.

Please download the form (below), open it and fill it out, save it, and email to St.MarysParishCookbook@gmail.com. Or simply print the form, fill it out, and drop off at the Church.

Your name will appear alongside each of your recipes.  Thank you for submitting your recipes; you will help ensure success for our cookbook.

Download form here

Who Is Father Adolf ?

Father Adolf Busobozi is a Roman Catholic priest and a native of Uganda. He came to western Massachusetts in January 2005. Father studied at Elms College and graduated in 2011 with an MA Theology, focusing in ecumenical/interreligious studies.

During the course of Father's studies, Springfield’s Bishop asked him to serve as chaplain at Baystate Medical Center, which he did beginning in 2008 until his return home. Father Adolf also assisted Father Murphy here at St. Mary's for six years with weekend mass and vacation coverage. Father Adolf returned home to Uganda in 2016 when the Bishop of the diocese of Fort Portal, Uganda asked him to be the Pastor of the newly created parish of St Francis of Assisi in Rwimi, Uganda.

The Healthcare Clinic

How did St Mary's get involved with raising funds for a health clinic?

After Father Adolf returned home to Uganda in 2016, several members of the parish who were participating in bible studies at the time began brainstorming ideas for projects in which the parish could help others. Helping Father Adolf and his new parish emerged as a possible endeavor. The pastor of St. Mary's, Father Murphy, was asked for guidance and he wholeheartedly approved the undertaking. Preliminary research of Father Adolf's new parish and its parishioners highlighted a couple of facts: the residents of Rwimi are an impoverished community without many resources or social safety net programs, and a US dollar goes a long way in Uganda. The result was an understanding that the St. Mary's community could make a significant impact on people in need. The committee then reached out to Father Adolf, asking, “We would like to help you. What can we do?” Father Adolf's simple response: my people need a health clinic.

Why is a health clinic needed?

Father Adolf explained to the committee that when people get sick they are in danger of death because the nearest hospital is one hour away-but there are major hurdles to get there. There is no ambulance service and other transportation is scarce; the roads are poor. Often times Father Adolf’s parishioners don’t get the health care they need or receive poor health care. In Father’s parish children are dying from malaria. Babies that have diarrhea are dying because the family takes them to a witch doctor whose remedy is to pull their teeth. A local clinic will help save these children’s lives and others.

How much will it cost to build the health clinic facilities?

1st phase: construct a health clinic building. This was completed October 28, 2018.

2nd phase: equip the building and construct housing for nurses (targeted completion 2019). Providing housing for the nurses will allow the clinic to serve clients on a regular basis and staff the clinic more consistently.

Total projected cost is less than $150,000 over a three-year period. Funds have been raised as follows, according to a three-year plan:

2017: $43,500

2018: $58,973

2019 goal: $50,000